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NECROVOROUS (Gr) – ‘Funeral For The Sane’ CD


Inspired by death metal and grindcore gods such as: AUTOPSY, DR.SHRINKER, IMPETIGO, HELLHAMMER, ASPHYX, (early)DEATH, MASSACRE, NECROVORE, MASTER / DEATHSTRIKE, NECROPHAGIA, they started spreading some serious havoc and rampage with a series of 3 demos. While in the beginning the band’s direction was pure gore , a sense of evolution and the stinking air of a more distinctive death metal approach started appearing with the recording of their side for the split 10” with MEATHOLE INFECTION. The year 2010 has found NECROVOROUS more oppressive,filthy and ominous than ever. The first full length entitled “Funeral for the sane” is a putrid, anguish reeking, hideously crawling beast of pure death metal.