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NECROCURSE (Swe) – ‘Grip of the Dead’ CD


Sweden's hell-majestic Death Metallers NECROCURSE have truly invoked pure evil with the much anticipated debut full-length "Grip Of The Dead"! With members from Nifelheim, Swordmaster, Runemagick, Sacramentum, etc and set in a traditional ancient Heavy Metal spirit, "Grip Of The Dead" is a convocation of ominous Deathchaos and Blackened Thrash destruction. Together with a slab of anthemic devil-horn theatrical antics, the end result is a perfect assimilation of the legitimate NECROCURSE sound-stamp! Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonic Train Studios with legendary King Diamond guitar maestro Andy La Rocque, the Morbid Maniacs have returned and it is going to be unpleasant.