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MORBID INSULTER (Swe) – ‘Funeral Mysticism’ D-CD Digipack


During the years we have encountered tons of artists within (extreme) Metal, but very few with the same sickness and dedication as this lot! To create the ultimate "metal of death" craves for a lot of sacri ces to be made and compromises must certainly be few and far between - the unforgiving, self destructive attitude permeating the entirety of the "Funeral Mysticism"-content should be obvious to all! MORBID INSULTER was spawned by individuals truly believing in lth, decadence, violence and hard drugs! Sound-wise the main in uences of MORBID INSULTER can be spelled MASTER´S HAMMER, SARCOFAGO, BESTIAL WARLUST and NIFELHEIM. Funeral Mysticism contains all material the band produced during their career - all demos, unreleased recordings and the two mini-albums "Thundering Evil" and "Antichrist Blasphemies" (both previously released by I HATE on vinyl and never before available on CD) are included! Double CD, great digipack.