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DISKORD (Nor) – ‘Dystopics’ CD Digipack


“Genuine unique death metal: now there's a rarity. Imagine, if you will, the bastard offspring of the backwards anti-riffs of Nespithe, the crushing edge of Obscura (the album of course, not the band) the cavorting peculiarity of Pod vládou biče and Disharmonization and the avant-garde perplexities of Ved Buens Ende and Virus. That might take you halfway there. Name dropping aside, a closed textural analysis of the structures and sounds would be of academic proportions and one that I'm unwilling and unable to undertake, but suffice to say the guitar tone is hearty but with strong regard for that which surrounds it, so much so the bass is free to travel where it pleases in wonderful "unf"-inducing interplay, occasionally rising to the surface in true Atheist style, intensifying the almost free-form jazz tendencies of Dystopics to its true potential. Death metal is really only a component here. The transition from the blasting to the galloping to the downright unpredictable is seamless, delicious and satisfying. Another of the most pleasing aspects is the delightfully old-school production values its been afforded. Mucky wouldn't be an inappropriate word to use here. A completely organic experience that doesn't hide behind spit and polish. It's difficult to overstate the effect a considered production job can have on music such as this and as it stands this could be taken right out of the early '90s.”